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For other parts suppliers see more sources for Opel spares, panels and parts

Personally I have numerous Opel Manta spare parts that I've collected over the years. Some of them will be kept because I know that they may be needed, but some items I'm happy to part with. All sales will help to restore my V8 Opel Manta. New performance parts (like rear disc conversion kits) are on the Opel Tuning parts page. Thanks.

John, your 2.2 is still sitting on my patio. Please contact to let me know if you still want it or not. I was thinking of turning it into a BBQ otherwise ;)

SOLD : 1 x Coupe solid roof : Removed at the body, this is a solid, no sunroof roof from a 1975 Vauxhall Cavlier Coupe, complete with pillars (and headlining LOL) Perfect for doing a no-rot conversion to your precious GTE project.

1 x Manta C nosecone : The rest of the poor old Manta was totally rotten so the complete nose was rescued to facilitate removal of the engine. Includes free horn.

1 x Opel Monza Cylinder Head : skimmed and needs re-assembling, springs and valves in a box.

More Sources for Opel Spares, Panels and Parts

Only OpelsFor more Opel spares pay a visit to Only Opels (UK). They provide quality used Opel spares, fitting and maintenance, plus they can help out with contacts in bodywork services.

Goin' MantaGoin' Manta are based in the USA and specialise only in Manta A series (1970-1975) and early Ascona parts including trim and panels.

Dr. Manta is Wesel, Germany's Wolfgang Wüster who supplies Manta A and B, Ascona, Kadett C, Rekord D, Commodore B parts including panels, engine parts (CiH and OHV), fuel and exhaust systems, gear box, clutch, steering, axle and brake parts... OMG they do everything! And did I mention, they do Manta A panels... Be sure to check out Dr Manta's online shop.

eBay is often a good source for Opel Manta spares, parts and accessories, I saw some Manta 400 mirrors (Engelmann) on there the other week...


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