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Opel Manta 400 1:18 die-cast model (Revell)

Opel Manta 400 Homologation model from Revell Revell MonogramIt's been a while since we had an Opel Manta model to rave about but, thanks to a tip-off from a client, we heard about a Manta 400 model on sale in model shop in Guildford.

A quick search online and we found that Revell have released a couple of Manta 400 1:18 scale models, die-cast, of course, just like their great Manta GTE model.

Pictured is the Manta 400 homologation model which was the roadgoing version produced so that the 400 could race. The other model is a version of the Rothmans 400 but we'll bring you pics of that when we have them.

We haven't actually picked up our own model yet but we'll give you an update once we have our mitts on it ;)


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